< Montse Oliver


The experiences lived in the countries Montse has called home alongside her Mediterranean heritage are her key sources of inspiration. A colourful palette is always present in her paintings.

Montse’s background in finance and accounting also influences her work, making her rationalise the free flow of the brushstrokes and giving a calculated and structured approach to her paintings. Her artworks blend abstract and figurative styles with geometrical elements in some works and a touch of realism in others.

Based in Geneva, Montse is originally from Barcelona.

Every painting has a story.

With my work I aim to create paintings that trigger positive feelings and emotions and celebrate love and life. Hearts are a recurring topic in my portfolio, I find their shape very powerful as I believe it can hold many meanings. Other subjects I am interested in portraying are related to the sort of nomad life of mine, representing puzzles of feelings of belonging to a new place with a glimpse of nostalgia from the previous one.