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Monica Alba is a self-taught artist born in Veracruz, Mexico. Growing up by the coast, she studied Architecture to later develop a career in the Art world since 2018 in a more formal way. She studied a master in Interior Design both in Spain, and then lived for a while in Berlin; these experiences helped her to see the world in an unique way. Feeling the need of expression through art, not much words, since it’s a more universal language.

Through her abstract paintings, mainly inspired by the ocean, she aims to pay homage to the natural world we live in and its constant changes, being a reflection of human emotions which also changes throughout life.

In her work she uses different techniques such as acrylics, chalk, and different mediums to create textures. She has experimented with many canvases and with resin in a small scale. In an early stage, she started with abstract painting on paper, which thinks it’s a good way to clear the mind when looking for new elements or feelings, that’s why she’d always come back to this technique.

Her favourite and more challenging technique is larger scales, but this is the way she feels the most free when painting.



Master of Interior Design. Seville, Spain 2020.
Master of Sustainable City and Architecture. Seville, Spain 2018.
Bachelor degree in Architecture. Veracruz, Mexico 2014.


Duo exhibition. “En mi Mar” at wince cellar Van Eyck. Veracruz, México. March 2023.
International collective exhibition. “Art Walkway” 3rd edition at Galeria Cael. Milan, Italy. September 2023.
International collective exhibition. “Contemporary Venice” 12th edition at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello. Venice, Italy. October 2023.