< Mona Ballesteros


Born in Ibague, Colombia. Her passion for the plastic arts started in the early years when she received her high-level education on architectural design that is portrayed in the rigorous structure of her paintings. She then experimented with diverse mixed techniques and materials, exploring the “Costumbrismo” (an art movement that deals with typical regional and national customs), depicting human figures and their interaction with diverse and creative spaces.

In her years living in Paris and through her travels around the Americas, Europe and Asia she has been able to study and experiment the different cultures in order to capture them in her own personal work.

After many years of studies building her passion fort he arts, Mona now lives in Bogota, Colombia, working full-time and exploring in depth urban and street art.

Mona Ballesteros showcased her work in both France and Colombia. Including Galerie des arts Saint Germaindes-pres- France, Galerie des arts de Versailles- France, Salon Marly leRoi-France, Hotel Radisson – Bogota, Galería Versalles Bogota, Hotel SofitelBogota Victoria Regia, Sofitel SantaClara Cartagena, Salon International d’art contemporain Art3f, Bruxelles, Belgium, and MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Vienna, Austria.



My work comes from the exploration with street arts, I managed to gather stories and characters portraying them in modern and contemporary techniques, using diverse materials to propose two main sides of street art: color and texture. Experimenting in technical installations and human figures interacting around alternative, creative and free spaces, I want the audience to be transported to the everyday life of my characters, constructing by themselves what is observed, perceived and understood.