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Miri was born in Argentina in 1964, and moved with her family to Israel when she was 15 years old.

Miri served in the Israeli army, and studied Biophysical Chemistry in the University. She worked for 27 years in the high-tech industry (Intel), including 5 years in USA.

Painting has always been her most profound passion. While working at Intel, Miri took a drawing class in the house of artists in Tel Aviv, followed by several oil painting workshops held at several artists’ houses.

On 2015 Miri decided to retire from Intel and pursue her dream as a professional painter.

Today Miri’s paintings are sold at several Israeli galleries and world-wide through leading on-line international platforms


Education: – BA in Biophysical Chemistry in Ben Gurion University – Basic drawing class at the beit-ahomanim (artist house) in Tel Aviv – Attended realistic oil painting workshops given by several artists – Self-taught Exhibitions: – May 2022, On the lake Art Gallery , Raanana, Israel, group exhibition – Group exhibition at Ramat Aviv art gallery, May 2021 – Group exhibition at Bauhaus, Tel Aviv, Feb-March 2021 – Digital group exhibition “Talk to me”at Divulgarti, ARconTE, in Genova, March 2021 – Group exhibition “Love & Touch” at Ramat Aviv open space, July 2020 – Group exhibition “real artist paint blue” on 15/6/2020 at the Russian culture center in Israel – Digital Exhibition for the 2020 Israeli Independence day celebration – Window exhibition at the Design at the Under1000 gallery in Israel on 2018. – Solo exhibition at the Hedera Ramada hotel in Israel, 2018 Publications – Article interview at 123 Art Magazine, November 2020 – Article interview at Trendy Art Ideas, February 2021 – Future publication in the Capsule Book Curatorial Volume.3, Leaders in Contemporary Art, July 2021. | Publication: Publication at the special edition of the GOLD LIST- Top Contemporary Artists of Today of the International Art Market Magazine, Oct 2022 | Award: GOLD LIST International Award certificate is given by the Art Mark Magazine for unique artistic style and high-technique achievements in the contemporary art world.


Miri’s style is divided into abstracts and figurative-abstract. Miri is an intuitive abstract painter. Her process starts with random strokes and as she does it she gets inspired on how to proceed next. At first, the shapes seem random, but layer by layer they start to connect and make sense. This is the most challenging and satisfying step because the artist gets to experience and see how the chaos starts to get form and meaning. In the end, the artist looks at the painting and the title of the painting comes to her mind. The artist uses brushes, spatulas, and sponges to create textures and shapes, she loves to combine all the tools as each one allows to create a different shape. Miri is inspired by the nature’s colors and shapes, it can be anything she sees or dreams of. When Miri works on a figurative painting, it is usually based on a photo. She draws the figure on a Bristol board and transfers it into the canvas, which was already primed with a first layer, and then she starts painting the figure. Towards the end, Miri starts to incorporate abstract elements into the painting. This part is the most satisfying step because she gets to let my imagination go again. Sometimes the abstract parts are minimal, and sometimes they are more pronounced, depending on the mood she is and the specific piece she is working on. The colors and shapes of things inspire the artist, it can be anything she sees or dreams. She is also inspired by people’s facial gestures, and also by her dreams