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Miriam is a German-based artist who was born near the German coastline. After graduating from high school, she first worked as a studio singer and then studied biology and political economy. Today, Miriam works as a teacher and in the field of artistic practice and education. Her interest in modern and abstract art dates back to her childhood. She gets the inspiration for her artworks from numerous impressions that she collects during her travels through Europe, North Africa and North America.


Miriam’s passion for art was encouraged while still at school. Even as a student, her pictures were exhibited as part of projects and group exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum Emden and Oldenburg. Today she lives and works in the northern part of Germany and is part of the vibrant artistic community in the Hamburg area.


Abstract painting gives me the space to capture my emotions and impressions. It doesn’t limit me or set any direction. The path is the goal and it is always exciting not to know what to expect before an artwork is finished.