MIR Artist from Denmark. Resided ten years in California from 1996 – 2006.

A lifechanging experience from where she still draws inspiration.

Yet in her artwork her Scandinavian roots can’t be denied. A constant search for light and warmth as a returning theme in her images, as she uses colors and light to ward off the cold and dark of the North.

Themes she tries to depict in her imagery:

The friction between life and death as we find it in nature and humanity.

The frailty of life and the beauty of the moment being ever so ethereal.

In addition to the art, MIR is also singer/songwriter in the Danish band FAZE’N’MIR



MIR has during the past 25 years developed at distinctive style of painting through self study and shorter art courses.

She had exhitibed at numerous Art Exhibits and Fares in Denmark, Italy and USA, along with book illustrations and catalogs.


MIR masters a strong color scheme in her works. With powerful intensity, she manages to create a very emotional ambience in her picturesque expressions.Landscapes are interpreted and transformed into colorful nature abstractions. Here you are invited to a walk – not only into the outer, open landscape – but also into an inner landscape, where the encounter with the unknown and the seen, are beautifully intertwined in suddle dramas.The use of complementary colors gives the works a warm, harmonious expression that almost makes the human silhouettes appear as luminous, lively objects with strong emotions.