< Ximena Giraudi


December 1977, Argentina. I live and work in Buenos Aires.
A curator and plastic artist, I work on abstract art, technique, acrylic on canvas, art interventions and two-dimensional installations. I am drawn to the combination of materials and methods that I produce or use to create my works.


From 2008 to 2013, I directed and created contents for the BISAGRA art gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Between 2009 and 2012, I worked at plastic artist Adrián Lirman’s atelier, where I developed mixed techniques and experimented with different supports. In 2010, I took part in Expotrastiendas, an International Art Fair, with the NAIPES series. In 2011 and 2013, I worked alongside plastic artist Claudio Roncoli on the POP Art and collage on paper techniques.
Since 2013, I have taken part in plastic artist Luis Altieri’s expressionism workshop and abstraction clinic. Also, since 2011, I have run my own Art Contents agency (XG Contenidos), and I am currently the Art Director and Chief Curator of Paraná Seguros, an insurance company pertaining to the Balabanian Group.
I have participated in collective exhibitions and Open Studios in the country.
2022 NOV, PINTA MIAMI ART FAIR (Julia Baitala).
2023 Galería Azur, Chueca, Madrid representation.
2023 FEB, ALGARVE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR (Gaudi Art Gallery, Madrid)


The Work is born hasty, clumsy. Nearly adrift, but with clear goals. Over the years, the works have become more and more complex, and have broken free from every self-imposed cliché, from programmed maps or models I could not pursue. Moreover, they were not part of anything but a complete process of evolution, either of the work itself or of its constituent parts, the colorimetry, its plastics and its planes. I consider that, above all, the planes have changed and improved in each work year after year, swinging from the complete disappearance of spatiality to abstraction per se, bordering on expressionism. Large sizes are a hallmark of creation, I love the freedom I am given by prominent and oversized surfaces, which need neither much pretension nor care, only color or shape adjustments, given that their outstanding size is ideal for my work.