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Born in the summer of 1960, Mikael was raised and lives in the capital Stockholm Sweden. Mikael’s mother was originally from Hungary and his father is Polish. At a young age he was a continental child who spoke many languages in his home. He comes from a family of designers in the fashion industry, with his parents often traveling around the world exploring ideas and garments. From a young age, Mikael sought inspiration from diverse styles and explored and developed his own personal style, not only in fashion but also with his art. In search of diverse artistic avenues, Mikael founded Sweden’s rap competition and expressed his creativity through graffiti art. He also has experience publishing for notable art and architecture magazine, known as Loft. Constantly moving and traveling, Mikael had his own tv program where he explored the diverse artists from around the world, from Russia, to the United States, to countries in Asia.
A creative outlet and the ability to design and create is something that he values most in life. He has found art as an outlet to calm his many thoughts that constantly circle his mind. He sees painting like boxing, almost like a fight between himself and the canvas and colors, conflicting with each other until the final work comes to fruition in a satisfying victory.
He has found inspiration from his active and energetic life, as well as his beliefs of spreading kindness and happiness, and his credence in karma, which are all values that fuel his geometric style of work. Mikael hopes his style of work will inspire feelings of tranquility. He hopes his work will find a home with beautiful furniture and music, working in cohesion to create a peaceful and creative space.
Mikael ends the conversation saying “my love for color and form is built inside and it is humongous, I am sure I will die with a brush full of paint in my hand, if not I will die unhappy. It is my hope that happiness is my ultimate contribution to all friends and loved ones, and truly summarizes my ambition in life.



I found inspiration in my childhood. As an artist I feel I meet my child and I allow myself to connect with a playful energy to create with colors and bring the happiness of wonderful moments on the canvas with the illusion of transmitting.
My goal is to develop my own way by doing a completely new painting every day and hopefully I can communicate my love of painting to everybody who sees them.