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South Korea



Mi-hyun Im, born in South Korea in 1979, displayed a exceptional aptitude for art from a young age, earning encouragement from people around her. However, she did not initially pursue a career in art, choosing a profession as an architect. It was approximately a decade ago when she embarked on a journey as a calligrapher. In this artistic endeavor, she predominantly focused on oriental pieces, utilizing ink and traditional Korean paper to create abstract compositions.

Her inspiration for her recent series of works, titled “Layers,” stemmed from the publication of “Resuscitation” in 2022. Today, Mi-hyun Im passionately serves as both an artist and a calligraphy educator. She describes her creative process as a source of inner tranquility and personal rejuvenation.


Solo Exhibition
2023.07 , Gallery Rabo(Nonhyeon), Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2023 , Baeg-ak Museum, Seoul, Korea
2023 , Kyung-in Museum,Seoul, Korea
2022 , Insa Art Plaza, Seoul, Korea
2022 , Kyung-in Museum, Seoul, Korea
2020 , Seoul, Korea
2020 ,
Hanguk Museum, Seoul, Korea
2019 ,
Hanguk Museum, Seoul, Korea
2019 ,
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan


This work is to distance myself from distractions and find inner rest. I’ve expressed my inner self, striving to simplify away from the entanglements of many things in the reality we live in.

The objects of projection are represented as things that bring me solace, and the extension of lines represents an extension of my emotions. Through a repetitive process, I eliminate the wandering thoughts within me and shape myself into a form of emptiness.