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Miguel Otero is a Spanish artist based in Mallorca. He grew up in Caspe, a town in Zaragoza, where he began skateboarding at the age of 10, after the death of his father. During those years the streets became a canvas where he began to develop his creativity. Already in college, he began writing poetry and surfing. In 2021, after the birth of his daughter, he began to paint with her and could not stop. Self-taught and eclectic, his painting is constantly evolving and is undoubtedly heavily influenced by psilocybin, skateboarding, and surfing.


University Degree in Sciences of physical activity and sport
Master in physical activity and health

He is now participating in his first collective exhibition during 2023 in April: Sesion 3

He is represented by Galeria Azur on Artsy and Arstper platforms.


There is no difference between the way i surf or paint. I let myself go and from the strokes, from the maneuvers, the colors emerge and I see shapes that I sometimes humanize and associate with things that i like: movies, music, surfing or skateboarding. Definitely my way of painting is strongly influenced by psilocybin and abstract expressionism.