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I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. And she was a girl who always yearned for a new world. After graduating from university, I decided to leave Korea behind and go to a new world that awaits me. And I left and now I exist as I am and who I am.
My work is the birth of a new space made up of basic elements such as color, plane, and line in an infinite space. Some people might think that the result on the canvas is the thing we focus on, but the process up to the birth of a new space on the canvas is more important than the result of the birth.
Random figures made up of traces from intuition that are entrenched in their respective places record not only the unfamiliar experiences felt in moments of life, but also the ‘momentary memories’ and ’emotions’ of encountering unfamiliar but intense landscapes.
I try to capture and record the special moments that I felt and experienced by visualizing the recorded intangibles of ’emotions’ and ‘moments’ through sand and color and expressing them as another space on the screen.
We are born like the condition of a white canvas. And the past time and a series of experiences are piled up layer by layer and intertwined to exist in the present form. That is why I chose sand as the material. The process of creating a new space by mixing together with small grains of sand of different sizes and by applying the colors of each emotion and moment on top that I felt is very similar to the way we are now and our lives.
I have been recording every moment of the times and unfamiliar moments of life that I experienced while living in an unfamiliar place, not the land where I was born and raised. I hoped that I could communicate those moments with the viewers by painting them on canvas. For someone, my work may be just a comfortable haven and resting place, for others it may become a vital force of life, or a precious moment to reminisce on memories, and a place to express imagination or seep into a part of time at the end of the day. For these reasons, I’m contemplating and concentrating on the process of my work every moment.


-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia / Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales / (Conservation and Restoration of cultural property) / Spain
-Sotheby’s Institute of art / Collecting and the Art Market intensive course/ London
-Chung-Ang University / Fine Art / Korea

2022 Art in Mind Exhibition / The Brick Lane Gallery, London
2022 ARTBUY / The Hyundai Department Store, Seoul
2022 ASYAAF / Hong-Ik university, Seoul
2022 Assembled / Sinchon Moonhwa Kwan, Seoul 2021 Blank / 33 apartment , Seoul
2021 Greenology / 33 apartment , Seoul
2021 Democratic art / 33 apartment , Seoul
2020 GANA ATELIER Open Studio , Jangheung, Korea


If I were to describe my work in one sentence, I would say
“Abstract where intangible emotions and moments are visualized through colors.”