< Shtibel



Interface, Group Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Lemon Frame gallery, September 2022
Grit by Design Group show, Watr Haus, Miami, December 2021
Commedia della Vita, Group Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Lemon Frame gallery, December 2021
International Contemporary Art Fair, Van Gogh gallery, Paris, September 2021
Collective, Group Exhibition, Van Gogh gallery, Madrid, April 2021
Collective, Group Exhibition, Expressions Artgallery, Tel Aviv, July 2020



Creating large oil paintings in a realistic-figurative style, which describe female figures and offer a glimpse into the contemporary society in an endless search for beauty and body image perfection.
Reflecting the ambivalence of appearance vs. reality.
Shtibel describes her creative process as a long experience that is inspired by watching and almost compulsively searching for fashion photographs, in which figures are photographed that symbolize the ideal of beauty.

“When I come across a photo that excites me, it feels like falling in love. It’s immediate, clear and sweeping”.


Shtibel says that her choice of subject is intuitive and that it is usually only after years that she understands why she drew them.