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Czech Republic





BcA. Michaela Skuhravá, MBA, graduated from high school and then University in the field of design, specializing in clothing, and holds an academic degree in the field of design and design. She also studies in Milan. She speak very well in italian language. She always devoted herself fully to painting and drawing, as it was the main focus of her studies at school. In addition, she attended private lessons. Thanks to this, she received a complete painting training and painting technique from charcoal drawing to painting nudes, landscapes or still lifes to sketching. She studied the history of art, the history of world brands, artists, painters and architects.


Studied at university of art in Czech Republic and in Milan Collective digital exhibition – Milan, Fuerteventure -2022 Solo exhibition – Nymburk/CZ -2022Collective exhibition – Genova/Liguria – 2022 Collective exhibition – Milan – 2022 Big mural art (2 m x 2,5 m ) at big art festival Wall off art at historical center of Prague Solo exhibition – Prague Collective exhibition – Rome – 2022


Art is like the air I breathe every day. Style and feeling for colors and compositions cannot be learned, but you have to feel it.

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