< Melissa Salamanca
United States




I was born on June 25th in Barranquilla, a city in the Colombian Caribbean. I grew up doing what I enjoy most, participating in projects and exhibitions at different stages of my career, whether in art or interior design. Since I can remember, I have had a great interest and sensitivity to the world of fine arts and creativity, especially in the plastic arts.

My muse is life, my inspiration is nature, and my greatest reference is Love. I highlight experiences, feelings, and positive sensations, living surrounded by fauna and flora for their diversity and colour wherever I am. Experiences and cultures from my hometown and each country that welcomed me, such as Panama and the USA, have been vital for my development and creations.



* Interior Design
Universidad Autónoma del Caribe
Barranquilla – Colombia
2000 – 2003

* Fine Arts
Art Academy
Marcel Lombana
1997 – 2000


* IYKYK” An Abstract Exhibition • College Park Gallery • Winter Park – Orlando, FL – USA • 2022
* Christmas with Art – Mery Palma Gallery – Grand Sheraton Panama – Panama City • Panama • 2017
* Artistic Participation in Fest 4U • Panama City – Panama • 2016
* Great End of Year Collective – Mery Palma Gallery – Sheraton Hotel • Panama City – Panama • 2011
* New Visions and Latin American Proposals – Casa Cuadrada Gallery • Bogotá – Colombia • 2011
* Visual Artist for Music Video “Te dedico esta canción” by Vetto Galvez • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2007
* Artistic Participation in the Maternity Fair – Asunción Clinic • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2006 – 2007
* Participation with D’Lujo Kids at Festihogar • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2007
* Individual Exhibition at Restaurant 180°• Barranquilla – Colombia • 2006
* Collective Exhibition at Amira de la Rosa Theater • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2004
* Buenavista Shopping Center • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2002 – 2003
* Universidad Autónoma del Caribe • Barranquilla – Colombia • 2000 – 2003


Various styles, formats, including recycled materials, and techniques such as texturing allow me to express myself from my artistic curiosity, which leads me to be strongly attracted to abstraction and minimalism and have an affinity for elements of Pop Art and Art Deco. Integrating a two-colour palette or vibrant polychromy by applying flat, metallic, satin colours and fluorescent touches creates a unique and unrepeatable piece. Every day, I find myself in a constant search and evolution, discovering my stamp by emphasising the strength of colour, shapes, details, the cleanliness of lines, as well as the power to transmit positive sensations, creating from Love, enjoying the creative process, leaving a piece of myself in each work is the most excellent satisfaction of doing what I am most passionate about.