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Melissa Pacheco, international artist, at home in Switzerland and Cabo Verde, discovered her passion for art in 2016 in a painting course in Greece. Her abstract acrylic paintings are created in her studio in Switzerland over weeks, sometimes months. The colors are based on the tones and moods of nature. Each painting tells its own story and invites the viewer to pause and discover. Different materials, such as newspapers and sand, create, layer by layer, exciting structures that give depth to the canvas. The artwork is subject to a higher consciousness, which takes shape from the deep relationship between the artist, the colors and the canvas. This turns the canvas into a source of energy.

The Portugues artist name menina means young woman. On one hand, it reflects the artist’s Costa Rican roots, as well as her strong connection to the Portuguese-speaking countries Brazil and Cabo Verde.

The artworks don’t wear any titles. The viewer should be able to approach to the painting as unprejudiced as possible. If the painting wears a title, we start looking for the title in the painting. However, everyone sees the canvas with different eyes. Exactly this is the magic of art: it touches everyone in a different way.


<p>Various exhibitions in Switzerland</p>


At some point the canvas reveals itself to me and I begin to see “it”. Then it goes into the finetuning. I change small details and connect elements. I sit and observe. I am looking for her soul, hidden in the layers. As soon as there is silence, I know the artworks is finished.