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Mary Cynthia Rothenberger is a painter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has shown her works both locally and internationally. Having exhibited in Madrid and Zurich, most of her works are in private collections across the US. She is inspired by the environment at home and in places where she has traveled. Gardens, landscapes, and people going about their everyday life are important motivations in her process. She generally works from her home but also enjoys painting while traveling. After three years of studying art at the university level, she obtained an MBA and then a doctorate, becoming a university professor and then a University Dean. Many years later, she has returned to painting, sketching, and photography.


The artist’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Penn State University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Doctorate in Educational Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. Exhibition experience includes Galeria Azur Madrid 2021, The Vandal, Pittsburgh PA 2021, and the Swiss Art Expo 2022.


Art has always been a part of my life. From an early age, I was exposed to museums and galleries. I often traveled to see new or iconic exhibits. My goal as an artist is to create an emotional record, an imprint, of an experience. That record is sometimes beautiful, sometimes painful, often joyful, but also often heartbreaking. In addition to beautiful and colorful images, I am attracted to organic forms like wood dying in a burning fire, or crumbling pavement, or decaying woodlands. This emotional record reflects the interaction of the viewer with a 2-D image. Historical accounts, historical literature, and cultural accounts heavily impact my representations. Ultimately, for the viewer, I hope that each painting is like a distant memory that you didn’t know you had.