From Mexico to Singapore, Rocha’s transitions and commitment speak of a person unafraid of change. A person who does what she feels is right without conforming to rules.

Rocha’s abstract artistic style doesn’t follow any formal convention in her process. What you see is the result of waking from an unfinished dream that leaves her with a sense of wonder.

Even the simplest decisions she makes in everyday life could potentially lead to new opportunity. Despite half a lifetime of opportunities and distractions, life somehow set Rocha back on the course to express herself through art.

All her repressed visual creativity came flooding back with the aid of a camera, paint brush and sewing needle.

Art has proven to be the perfect habitat for her genuine expressions – to only create what she approves of as an individual – choosing honesty at the risk of not being accepted.

The medium she chooses represents her insistence on value derived from hard work, as though to say that nothing worth doing should ever be easy. In the pursuit of this, every artwork undergoes a long period change and transformation till it feels naturally evoked.


Finalist Arte Laguna Prize 17
Finalist Exhibition Arsenale Nord Venice 2023


I am inspired by the subconscious and the reflection on it as part of the creative process and the oneiric world. How we are influenced by our experiences in the process of altering, modifying, changing and creating.

I make art to advocate for change and resilience, which always happens accompanied by a process of restructuring and evolving – especially in a unfamiliar context and environment that puts into question your identity, your beliefs and your individualism.
Working on different projects at the same time using different or same materials moves my self out of my comfort zone, even if it takes longer; one always feeds the other because change requires to be creative.
I think art is about resilience. Art is a way to represent who we are as evolved beings.
Art for me is the way life is – a slow process of change, work and special attention to details. I believe that in the details lie the essence.

I’ve noticed that cultural changes, sickness and even the fact of not using my mother tongue was a reason to feel a lack of belonging towards myself, how I communicate and how I express myself how do I think and perceive.

So art became my language and my way back to my self. Looking for elements that remind me of the familiar like embroidery, symbols or shapes in something that can be monotonous and simple but yet different.