< Mattia Vezzoli


Artist and engineer, born in Italy in 1990 and now based in New Haven, USA.

His passion for art started when he first discovered photography in 2011.

In 2017, he felt the need to go beyond the window of reality offered by photography and started painting. As a self-taught painter, he started experimenting different techniques and styles, mainly using acrylic on canvas, inspired by abstract expressionism. His work is subdivided in series, each one represents a different phase in his life and has a different painting style.

Painting is not his only activity; in fact, he is currently pursuing a PhD in EE at Yale University.

His art work take inspiration by his life and his work as an engineer, he is interested in technology, time, love, personality and others.


– Exposed photographs at: ‘Sottoscala’. BS, Italy

– Exposed paintings at: ‘Asimmetrie gallery’. BS, Italy

– Exposed paintings at: ‘Anchor SPA’. New Haven, USA


I’m interested in abstract art, randomness in the process, what the artist can tell trough abstract expressionism and what paintings can tell about the artist. I am also interested in technology and engineering, the transposition of errors during the fabrication process as a form of art.The relationship between art and technology, or technology and human kind.