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I started drawing and illustration from a young age, and I am completely self-taught.
I started drawing when I was a child, and I am self-taught, making works every day between work and childcare.
Financial planner.
mother of one child.
The painters I respect are Taro Okamoto, Jakuchu Ito, and Alfons Mucha.


12/3/2021-12/5/2021 Gen-ten in Tokyo
6/16/2022-7/10/2022 ARTJAMBOREE in LA
7/28/2022-8/3/2022 ORIZZONTITRASVERSALI in Milan&fuerteventura
8/25/2022-9/4/2022 POSTCARDPARADE in LA
11/7/2022-11/20/2022 Making The Big World Small in NY
11/16/2022-11/20/2022 Gen-ten in YOKOHAMA
11/28/2022-1/13/2023 Art exhibition in Galería Azur MIAMI
12/6/2022-12/11/2022 Gen-ten in KYOTO


papercutouts and digitalart
Mom artist
Thankfully, the relationship between art is spreading both in Japan and overseas.
 I have a certain feeling, and I draw and send my works.  That is, as a “Japanese”, to have pride as a “person” and to express each and every one of them with all my soul.
 Some of the works are collages of photographs of Japanese landscapes and flowers blooming in Japan.
 For what?
 This is because we want many people to know the beauty of Japan, a small island nation, and the humility and passion of the Japanese people.
 And I would like to show the children who will be responsible for the future the appearance of adults who are having fun and devoting themselves to their work.
 I can’t make a work that appeals to everyone.  I would be very happy if there was even just one person in the world who could resonate with my work.
 And the important earnings obtained there are used for donations and support for children.  “Children are treasures.”
After many years of infertility treatment, I was finally able to have a son, so I feel more than anyone else how difficult and miraculous it is to raise a child.
 As a parent with children, I want to continue to be a “person” who can serve as a role model.