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Welcome to my colourful mind!

I’m Mathilde, a French artist currently living in Asia. My art journey began in Laos while I was travelling before the lockdown of 2020. This is where I truly discovered myself: far from social distraction and societal influence, I spent most of my time drawing while walking on my spiritual path. A new passion emerged and I decided to express my new self through art with the influence and inspiration of my travels (from Africa, South America, Europe and Asia).

All of my creations are meant to evoke positive emotions and represent a deep connection with our Universe. I mostly use geometrical shapes and symmetry; adding vibrant colours, dot work and other ethnical symbols which has now become part of my signature design. They reflect movement, flow, and a sense of connectedness within our souls, with a dominant presence of a protective eye: the mindful divine energy.

I usually paint with my instinct without necessarily picturing what I will do next; I trust and let myself be driven by my feelings and soul so they can, later on, be immortalised.


<p>September 2021: Exhibition at the French Institute – Luang Prabang – Laos</p>


‘It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create’