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Scientist at the pharmaceutical industry. Ph. D of Theoretical Physics.
Studied string theory and black hole physics in graduate school of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduation, spent more than 11 years in the financial industry. After that, experienced several research-related jobs including at the University of Tokyo, mainly in the field of computational biology. Current professional research fields are mathematical oncology, computational neuroscience, quantum biology, etc. Affected by wide-ranged artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Taro Okamoto, Shinro Ohtake, and so on. J-pop music lover. Desktop music composition under training.


Tokyo University of Science, bachelor’s degree of science, Major: Physics
Tokyo Institute of Technology, master’s Degree of Science, Major: Particle physics (string theory, black hole)
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctoral degree of science, Major: Particle physics (string theory, black hole)
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics) quit, Major: Statistical Science (Metabolic pathway analysis, Algebraic statistics)
Mathematical Oncology, Computational Neuroscience, Quantum Biology, Desktop music composition
Exhibitions: CENSORED (2023, MADS Art Gallery, Miran, Barcelona, Metaverse), BORDERS (2023, ITSLIQUID Group, Venice), Interconnecting Lines (2023, Artio Gallery, New York), Art ON LOOP on EUROPE (2023, Holy Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Brussel, Paris), Art ON LOOP on New York (2023, Holy Art Gallery, New York), Holy Art Virtual Shows (2023, Holy Art Gallery, London), VIFAF 2024 (2024, WOC, Greece)


H(humanities), M(mathematical), N(natural), S(social). I have studied sciences of these fields, and these are fields being studied at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, where Albert Einstein was, and Edward Witten is belonging now. Although the study in graduate student days was interesting, but too much concentration to physics study has brought the loss of humanity on the other hand (I was like a physics robot). The use of ‘Humans’ is the commandment to myself not to make further same mistakes again. In addition, the last letter “s” is not only the head letter of science but also represents my will of cherishing diversity by using the plural. The common factor that flows at the bottom of my artworks is the fusion of more than two different things. This is realized as the sum of representations that remain in my memory. This way of creating is the same way those new ideas hit upon me in my professional study. My experiences in a lot of fields are gathered and made into one works by considering various aspects of what they are not only visible things but also invisible concepts. If we rephrase my works, in other words, the fusion of physics that are both visible and invisible.