< Martine B. Mortensen


I caught the interest of drawing and painting at a very young age. I remember I drew and made up little stories and narratives of these sketches. But It wasn’t until 2019 that I chose to share my works. The response has given me the momentum I needed, and in recent years I have spent a lot of time creating images, developing as an artist and building an audience.

I am mostly self-taught and am driven by the interest in exploring how to create different expressions through color and form.


<p>Gallery Albin Upp Oslo 2020, Gallery OMK Oslo 2021,</p> <p>Gallery Divulgarti Genova 2021, Curato Art 2021</p> <p> </p>


My wish is to always create something unique and special, at the same time that you can recognize my expression in the art. I love using gold, bronze and silver to promote various reflections of light and shadow. I think this makes the work shine, and gives a liveliness to my paintings. I also use a lot of eye-catching texture to create depth and structure to the artworks.