< Marta Carceller


The artist was born in Barcelona in 1977 and is a mother of 4 children. At the moment, the family lives in Barcelona, the city that has seen her grow up and where the small studio where she works is.

Marta’s academic training has revolved around music and she graduated in psychology, which has helped her to internalize, explore and identify her own emotions, in order to capture them on a canvas.

She is a self-taught painter; As a young girl, began to be interested in this form of art, but couldn’t dedicate intensely because of her other occupations. Little by little she started stealing time from other things and opted for what filled her the most.

As a result of the tragic death of her husband and father of her 4 children, the artist began to focus even more on this exciting world and realized that what he had encouraged her to do was what fulfilled her and what she needed; to stop the world and learn from herself, from her own mistakes and to take the time to explore her own self.

Marta’s full dedication began as a result of the confinement due to the Covid pandemic; The incident gave her motivation and meaning, confinement gave her the time, and her children and Alex, her life partner, gave her encouragement to continue on this adventure. The subjects of Marta’s works are varied, from landscapes to portraits. She tries to reproduce everything that makes her feel, that makes her vibrate in a special way and makes her feel alive. She is passionate about making the everyday beautiful.

The art of painting allows her to experiment with different materials and textures, but basically she uses acrylic paint and canvas as a support. She knows how she will start a work, but she doesn’t know how it is going to finish.

martacarcellermassanaFor her, the act of creating has a clear starting point, but as she progresses and delves deeper into it, it becomes a truly exciting and extremely enriching adventure. Learning and discovery is constant. For her, it’s a pleasure to be able to transmit to her work viewer a small portion of what she feels when painting surrounds her and how this intimate act of creating feels like.