< Marta Seró Oromí



Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1970. A graphic designer by profession, my first contact with painting was in 1997 when, after a period of changes in my life, I felt the need to capture my feelings on a small blank piece of paper. Since then, painting has always been present in my life, helping me to express what I feel and how I feel, a challenge to open those doors and windows that have so much to show and say inside. Over the years my painting has evolved, experimenting with different materials and textures, in that constant search for balance between matter and life.


Studies in graphic design and technical drawing.
12 years working in advertising and design in Barcelona.
15 years painting artwork for private clients and hotels.
Exhibitions at the art fair in Paris and Luxembourg.


Self-taught in abstract painting, I work with different materials to create textures that give strength to what I want to capture on my canvases. I usually paint sand, brown, ochre and oxide colors that connect me with the earth, with living matter, with the here and now. But I also paint with gray, white and black colors which connect me with the deepest part of my soul, with my emotions.