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Mark Jeffrey Weiss, embarks on a creative odyssey deeply rooted in his origins and nurtured by a diverse heritage. Hailing from the blue-collar landscape of Newport News, VA, Weiss has cultivated a profound connection with the artistic world that has been honed by a myriad of experiences.

Weiss’s artistry is an intricate dance of influences, drawing from the rich wellsprings of expressionism and post-painterly abstraction. His work is a seamless fusion of emotion, simplicity, and the enigmatic, capturing the essence of the human experience. Each piece is a testament to his relentless pursuit of creative exploration.

While Mark Jeffrey Weiss calls the tranquil Snoqualmie Valley home, his artistic footprint extends far beyond the Pacific Northwest. His participation in group exhibitions hosted by prestigious galleries in global art capitals like Berlin, Rome, Madrid, New York City, and Miami has allowed his distinctive talent to resonate with a diverse international audience. Weiss’s creations beckon viewers into a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination dissolve, leaving an enduring impression on those fortunate enough to immerse themselves in his art.

Mark Jeffrey Weiss’s art defies convention and transcends boundaries, embodying the compelling power of artistic expression. As an outsider artist and geographer, he remains committed to the exploration of the human psyche and the limitless horizons of creativity. Weiss continues to captivate and inspire, inviting all to journey through the landscapes of his imagination and the intricacies of his singular perspective.


• Red Dot Art Fair – Miami Art Week – Miami 2023

• ACT VII – Miami 2023

• Rome Art Expo Autumn – Rome 2023

• Outer Space – NYC 2023

• Dislocations – Madrid 2023

• ACT V – Miami 2023

• ACT III – Miami 2023

• Galeria Azur New York Opening – NYC 2023

• Emperor’s – Rome 2023

• Galeria Azur Miami Opening – Miami 2022

• Flare Up – Berlin 2022

• Palazzo Velli Expo 2022 – Rome 2022

• We Contemporary Art Catalog – Rome 2022

• Orvis – Madrid 2022


In my artistic endeavors, I am captivated by the intricate relationships between space, place, and diaspora, and how they intricately mold our humanity and cooperative bonds. These themes, deeply interwoven with our environment, history, and the networks we maintain, have become the driving force behind my creative exploration.

My art is a mirror reflecting the profound connections between these elements. It is a testament to the power of the spaces we inhabit, the places we call home, and the dispersion of cultures and communities across the globe. It is in these interactions that our shared humanity is both forged and celebrated, and cooperation finds its fertile ground.

Through my art, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of discovery, to unravel the complex web of connections that bind us to our surroundings, our history, and each other. Together, we can explore the profound interplay of space, place, and diaspora, understanding that within this delicate balance lies the true essence of our shared humanity and the potential for cooperation that unites us all.