< Mark Weiss
United States


I’m a geographer and painter with 8 years of experimentation in creative arts and craft that include painting, photography, glass blowing, ceramics, and printmaking. My professional life started 20+ years ago in technology and spatial analysis. Visualizing problems of space and dimensionality has always come naturally and influences my art practice. I have been painting full time for three years with a variety of mediums and techniques. I primarily use oil and canvas but experiment with a variety of organic materials. My process is fluid and has evolved in ways I never imagined.


Orvis – Madrid 2022
Edges – Bushwick, NYC 2022


I’m interested in relationships of place, space, and diaspora, specifically how our environment, history, and the networks we maintain impact our humanity and cooperation. These works reflect a cross section of techniques and subjects I’ve explored the past 3 years. As my training progresses, I’ll continue looking for novel ways to represent a world in transition.