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Marion Haas lives and works in Eltville /Rheingau, Germany.

Study of Painting 2001-2006 wfk, Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule Wiesbaden.

Works as a freelance artist in Germany and abroad.

Design of carpets, CD Cover, Company logos.

Numerous picture purchases at home and abroad.

New York, Ibiza, Italy, Aurich, Taiwan, Muscat (Oman).

Lectures and teaching activities in Germany and Italy.

Paintevents for Companies and Universities

Floral motifs, mouths and legs defines her main work.

They represent constant change, progress and communication.

Curiosity and interest in the environment are the motivator, which makes her ceaselessly to keep on working.

Organic forms inspires her again and again to new image compositions.

Emotional-Feminine Realism

Marion Haas Work follows an intoxicating feminine-realistic principle.

Marion Haas gathers sensual, slightly erotic energy from mysteriously hidden unconscious sources of her phantasy and takes the beholder through a remarkable impression of colour and form away from his or her ordinary everyday-life into a unique emotional world conveying the idea of the other, the possible and the impossible.

Marion Haas has a creative potential that makes it possible for her to break with habitual visual and spiritual doctrines of the ordinary and the familiar to enter into a new surrealistically motivated connection of form and colour.

Her extraordinary partly animalistic imaginativeness wins people over with its naturalness and open-mindedness about new colour compositions which often invalidate every doubt about real emotions.

Her preference for large-format floral motifs and exceptional composition in combination with her technically experienced individual style of painting leads to an emotionally loaded and deeply feminine painting. I describe Marion Haas’s painting as emotional-feminine realism.