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Buenos Aires, 1972
She is a visual artist and cultural manager.
Art understood as language is not only for Mariela Soldano the possibility of communicating with the world, but also understanding it through the production of her own system of signs.
Always having art as a guide and structure of thought, her professional life leads her to travel first in the world of communication and design, with two undergraduate degrees in these areas to her credit.
It’s since she moved to Uruguay at the age of 40, with two young children, when she decides that it is time for art to occupy not only her inner life but also her professional career and begins showing her work.
Now, after many years passed by, her artworks have been exhibited in several occasions, and many of them are part of private collections in Argentina, Uruguay, Estados Unidos, Emiratos Árabes, and Brazil


Latest studies
2019-2020. Master in Cultural Projects. Barcelona. España
2015. Postgraduate Course in Art, education and culture MEC – OEI. España/Uruguay
2015. Postgraduate Course in Contemporary Art FLACSO. Argentina
2014. Postgraduate Course in Curatorial Studies ESEADE. Argentina

Latest exhibitions
2023. Diario de un encierro. El Saltillo, México.
2023. #8M Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay.
2023. Consulado Argentino en Uruguay
2022. III Bienal Colonia. Mención de Honor Especial.
2022. Sostén. Atelier Point Punta, Uruguay.
2022. AmHaus-Pagana Casa de Arte. Buenos Aires Argentina.
2022. Salón Nacional de Arte Textil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2022. Brota Bio Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.


I am a chameleon artist. I choose the languages ​​of expression rhizomatically. I try to establish a dialogue with the contemporary world through my own system of signs.
The concerns that underpin each project are existentialist in nature. Life and death, the psyche and the idea of time exceeding our biological life.