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Weaving Soulful Narratives Amidst Mendoza’s Vineyards

Latin American artist Mariana Trípoli’s creative journey begins in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina, a region renowned for its exceptional wines and breathtaking landscapes. Born and nurtured in this idyllic wine country, Trípoli’s emerges as a profound reflection of her surroundings and innermost emotions.

Her artistic exploration stems from a profound desire to convey messages that resonate with the human soul: a call to “slow down,” an invitation to embrace life’s true essence, a reminder to “be present,” and the revelation that obstacles are mere illusions. Through the intricate interplay of threads, meticulously crafted shapes in felt, natural seeds, and occasional hints of metal, Trípoli transforms these messages into tangible art pieces.

Beneath the deceptive simplicity of her minimalist aesthetics lies a universe brimming with meaning. Trípoli’s works beckon viewers to delve beyond the surface, inviting them to uncover the layers of meaning carefully woven into each creation.

Her artistic journey has led her to both solo and group exhibitions, where her creations have found their place in private collections of New York, London, Syngapore, Lima, and her homeland of Argentina.

Trípoli’s choice of fibers as her primary medium is no accident—it’s a deliberate expression of her belief that textiles serve as the unbroken thread that binds the past, the present, and the future. In her vision, textiles are vessels of history and emotion, offering a multi-sensory bridge that connects us to bygone eras while grounding us firmly in the present moment.

Currently, Mariana shapes her creations within the cozy confines of her home studio, perched upon a hill overlooking the picturesque Chacras de Coria valley in Mendoza. Surrounded by nature’s bounty and influenced by the region’s vinicultural legacy, she infuses her work with the harmony, rhythm, and timeless beauty that define her environment.

In every thread meticulously woven, in each shape thoughtfully cut, and in every stitch lovingly placed, Mariana Trípoli’s art encapsulates not only her personal journey but also the essence of Mendoza’s captivating landscapes and the rich narratives they inspire.


• Muestra de arte y Diseño en Hotel Intercontinental. Mendoza 2014
• Encuentro de Artistas Visuales. Espacios del Monte. 2014
• Encuentro de Artistas Visuales. Museo Fader. Mendoza 2015/ 2016
• Muestra individual joyas. Bodega Cruzat. Mendoza 2015
• Muestra de joyas y arte textil en Cecilia Carreras. Espacio de Arte. Mendoza 2015
• Muestra en Espacio de Arte La Barraca, Mendoza, 2017. “Triada”
• Participación en BADA (Buenos Aires Directo de Artista) La Rural CABA 2018
• Muestra Colectiva “Mujeres” Galería de Milo Lockett, Palermo, Marzo 2019
• Muestra Individual “Puntadas que expresan Vivencias” Hotel Intercontinental, Mendoza, Abril 2019.
• Muestra colectiva “Cien Mujeres por las Mujeres” Galería Milo Lockett, Palermo, Octubre, 2019
• Muestra “Megaplex” Espacio Julio LeParc, Mendoza. Parte de una muestra Internacional que se Inauguró al mismo tiempo en las ciudades más importantes del mundo. Noviembre, 2019
• Muestra Individual Bodega Budeguer, Agrelo, Mendoza. Noviembre, 2019
• Muestra Colectiva “Fuerza” Galería Milo Lockett, Palermo, Marzo, 2020.
• Muestra Individual “El Origen” Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte, Mendoza, Julio 2021.
• Affordable Art Fair New York City, Marzo y Septiembre, 2022.
• Muestra Colectiva “Escenas” Terrazas de Los Andes, Marzo a Octubre, 2023


Immerse in my inner self and inspired by a deep connection with nature, I create my work with simple and versatile materials, handmade felt, threads, seeds. I connect with deep feelings that transport me to a state of reverie and flow along with the shapes that I discover on the process. It’s an ever surprising journey that fills me with joy and bliss. Shapes, color and movement convey a meaning that can engage all kinds of audience as long as they are willing to stop, to carefully look once again and dare to get in the peaceful atmosphere the artwork creates. A hand felted stick replicated for hundreds can sometimes evoke TIME analysis, the fact that oppression is most of the times imaginary and self-imposed, or show the beauty of birds leaving the ground and taking the sky in a triumphant gesture….I invite YOU and every one to get lost in the magic that genuine, honest, art expression can offer