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Mariana Osorio is a Mexican emerging artist living in New York City. Her work focuses on the exploration of new possibilities in photography. She experiments with double and long exposures in digital & large format to create otherworldly images that evoke a realm of souls, visions, dreams, and parallel realities. Movement is an essential element of her compositions. The kinetic essence of cubism and nature are big influences on her style. Rather than thinking of photography as capturing and isolating a moment in time, her multiple exposures aim to preserve dynamism and make the audience constantly wonder. To this end, she also makes use of alternative processes to print her pictures on unorthodox media such as iron plates and wood, and then create sculptures through a welding process.
Mariana gravitates towards creating puzzle-like portraits of a person or situation. These consist of a series of photographs, each of them a whole in itself but conceived as an interlocking part of a more complex and integral composition. Every image is a letter, which combines with others to form words, and finally a meaningful phrase.


•2020-2023 The Art Students League of New York- Artist Certificate Program
• 2018 BA in Studio Art, concentration in photography and metal sculpture, The City College of New York, NY
• 2011-2014 The Carlos Chavez Youth Symphony Orchestra, provides talented artists the opportunity to study a BA in music while receiving a scholarship and performing bi-weekly in one of Mexico’s most prestigious orchestras.

• 2018 Joe Harris Scholarship Fund, NY
• 2017 Kaye Scholar Scholarship, NY
• 2017 CUNY Cultural Corps member, NY
• 2016 The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute Scholarship
• 2016Winner of the worldwide competition: International Student Travel Video Contest
• 2015 The Rose Goldstein Memorial Scholarship, NY
• 2015 STARR Foundation Scholarship, NY
• 2015 Cerf Scholarship in Music, NY

.2022 Dodomu Gallery. New York, NY
• 2022 Metal Sculpture exhibition, The Art Students League, New York, NY
• 2019 Public Privacy, Skybridge Gallery, New York, NY
• 2019 Of a Fourth Dimension, The Art Students League, New York, NY
• 2019 Cashama Gala at One World Trade Center, New York, NY
• 2018 CCNY Annual Student Photography Exhibition, New York, NY
• 2017 CCNY Annual Student Photography Exhibition, New York, NY


Art today is considered a luxury. A hobby, a pretty but unnecessary thing that although commendable, has no definite use. It is almost the antithesis of “success” as defined by our materialistic standards, and according to this line of thought it is definitely not a “job”. It is not a “work”
I believe the opposite: that artistic creation is the most important work there is to be done by human beings. Work, I believe, is an activity that develops our inner being. A challenge that makes us evolve. A gradual discovery of the meaning of life and our mission in the universe. It is wisdom and consciousness tracing its own footsteps back to the beginning.

I have a deep commitment with art and with myself. This commitment implies to assume my artistic vocation fully and to develop it with continued effort under every circumstance. It is this commitment that inspires me to keep looking up for new experiences and goals, always in search of clear and unexplored skies to open my wings. Through my art, I work hard to draw my viewer into a story or emotional experience and my photos tend to express thoughtful or quiet moments; there is usually a deeply expressive quality under the surface.