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Mariana Luz is a photographer specialized in sensual shoots, and is active in the search for women’s self-esteem through photography. In 2021 she was invited to create a TED TALK lecture with the theme ‘Healing through sensuality’.

So far, he has photographed more than a thousand women for this purpose, in several countries and cities.


-Ted Talk ‘Healing through sensuality’. | 2021
– Cryptoart – São Paulo, Brazil | 2022
– FIABCN – Barcelona, Spain | 2022


I’ve photographed women from 20 to 75, in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, United States, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
Women who told me they are more than a breast, after overcoming breast cancer, Women who reinvented themselves after abusive relationships,
Women within their own personal processes in search of a change of pace.

I’ve photographed women who posed secretly, too. I’ve collected many stories and in the end, these women felt free and saw their true beauty at that very moment.

In my work, you will find many nuances of sensuality and see that I use real lives to prove that sensuality and beauty are related in a way less obvious manner.
It’s not about reaching a standard to be photographed, it’s about loving yourself now just because you’re you. And this time, you’ll really believe it.

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