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When Malaga-Berlin based artist Conxi Sane graduated in Fashion, nothing pointed out to a future as a painter. It was only 6 years ago that she painted for the first time. Since then, Conxi has dedicated herself predominantly to it as a natural way of self-expression, which we can now safely assimilate to a true revelation. Her work can be described as an exploration of the subconscious inspired by the schools of Surrealism and Cubism. It is no surprise that she holds for inspiration the greats of Spanish art such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró and the french architecture’s giant Le Corbusier. Her deep appreciation of music stimulates her process of creation, she says. As of her latest works, it is particularly Latin Jazz that has guided her palette, bringing to life a series that has been positively acclaimed throughout Europe.



Her collection of works stands out to the eyes immediately through its unexpected yet atemporal combinations of color and shapes, there is more to it than an eye-pleasing purpose. It materializes the abstract of the mind, our inner conversations, and battles, may they be conscious or subconscious, and the interconnections and interactions of the minds of different individuals with one another. Conxi Sane tells moments of her own journey into the mind, by depicting their complexities and simplicities as well as the journey of those she crossed paths with, and inspired her to tell their stories or, at least, what she imagines them to be. Although it is quite impossible to make this distinction in her work. Profoundly humanist, she englobes a myriad of different experiences expressing their commonality to all of us: our alter egos, our personal growth, how we deal with guilt and emotions. How all these steps are inherently linked to how we interact with one another and the importance of acknowledging our own self in its full darkness and light. The plurality of these experiences is reflected by countless combinations of techniques used in this collection, every experience is unique and every piece uses a unique set of techniques from oil paintings, collage, lithography…