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I have been drawing with pencil and charcoal since I was 14 years old. In London I was able to take several painting courses, including pastel and charcoal nude painting. From 2008 to 22 I was a student under the direction of Sabine Fleischmann, where I learned more about oil painting. In general I have always been interested in painting and you could say that what I do is more or less self-taught.

My painting is influenced by various life experiences: poverty, hunger (the painting “Better than gold”), class differences, popular uprising in Venezuela (painting “and where are they today?”), as well as different experiences of life in big cities. such as Madrid, London, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen and Germany.


2022- 2023 Oleo Kunstakademie Esslingen / Mina Gambel
Aug. 2022 Oleo Porträt Kunstakademie Eigen Art / Elina Deberdeeva
2008 – Juni 2022 Pintura al Oleo Atelier Sabine Fleischmann
2018 Portraits in Acryl Gaby Dotter /Kunstakademie Gerlingen
2007 Aktmalerei bei Sabine Fleischmann/VHS -Göppingen
2005 Portrait 2 Tage Seminar VHS-Kirchheim
Feb 1999 Portrait 2 Tage Seminar VHS-Kirchheim
1984 Sommer Artkurs Whitmore High School / Harrow (London)
1982 Aktzeichnen Sixth Form College / Harrow (London)
1971-1972 Architektur / 1. Semester / Universität Madrid
2021 Die Neuen” Kunst International Leonberg / Germany
2021 Im Juli Kuntsfrühling / Geislingen / Germany
2021 Aug-Okt Colourful Black Forest / Vier Jahreszeiten / Schluchsee / Germany
2021 Nov.Feb. Posrtraits Vuer Jahreszeiten / Schluchsee / Germany
2022 17-20 März Art Messe in Sindelfingen / Germany
2022 3-16 Juni Galerie Art Time Udine/Italien
2022 31Jul.11.Sep Jahresausstellung Kulturmühle / Rechberghausen / Germany
2022 1-4 Sep Carrousel du Louvre / Paris, Frankreich
2022 Dez. Red Dot Miami – Florida / USA
2023 März Art Expo New York / USA
2023 März Virtual Ausstellung Tokyo Art Fair Tokyo Tower / Japan
2023 Juli TriBeCa area New York / USA
2023 Juli-Sept Jahresausstellung Kulturmühle / Rechberghausen / Germany
2023 Juli Haegeumgang Theme Museum South Korea
2023 Nov. Schloss Filseck – Uhingen / Germany



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