< Maria Lopes


I am a self-taught artist that decided to start painting in 2020. For many years I had put aside my desire to be an artist, but life taught me that one can have as many beginnings as one wants or needs. During Covid confinement, I found myself feeling and looking at things in a more profound way. Painting opened all my senses and helped me to “read between the lines” of life. There are no boundaries for the human mind if we let ourselves be taken by our creativity. I felt that my art could not stay forever in silence.


2021/April – Featured in Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 15 – Art in Isolation

2021/July – Featured in Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 16 – Celebrating Art

2021 – Attended Art2Life Creative Visionary Programme by Nicholas Wilton

2021 – Featured in ArtAviso digital exhibition “Elsewhere and Other Places”

2021 – 1st Solo Exhibition “Layers” at Arte no Moinho, Azoia, Portugal

2022/January – Featured in Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 18 – People and Places

2022/June – Featured in Broadway Plaza NYC Digital Exhibition by Artist Talk Magazine


Each one of my paintings is piece of me, telling a story, like a diary. They contain layers of dramatism, happiness, hope, grief, celebration, resilience, clarity, darkness, love, memories, dreams and visions… my desire is that the viewer can feel all the emotions through design, value, color and texture.