< Maria Grazia D'Alessandro



Painter and poet, I was born Italy. I live between Fermo (my birthplace) and Florence, where I graduated in French Literature, with a thesis on Paris Dada . I am fond of every form of art, from gothic to Renaissance, to contemporary. Living in Florence, where art is everywhere, I have the opportunity to see not only Renaissance masterpieces, but also exhibitions of every kind and period, which is a fantastic source of inspiration


I made my first and second exhibition (‘Giochi di Luce’, 1 and 2) in Florence ( Eclectic Home Gallery) ,in 2012 and 2013.
Then I made other solo exhibitions in Fermo (‘Giochi di Luce’ 3,4,5) and I took part in various collective exhibitions, both in Florence and in Fermo


My research is about interactions between colours and light : my works CHANGE evidently with every change of light. I use the colours of gothic and Renaissance ,but in totally different ways , in order to create effects of mouvements and/or changes in colour and shape, using various techniques I have ‘invented’. So, my paintings are never ‘finished’…
I create ‘series’ of works, about nature, for example (wind, seasons birds, etc. ) The biggest series (41 items) is about the (various aspects) of the crowd, that I ‘investigate’ with passion.