< Alice Vilhena



I demonstrated my artistic skills from a very early age, and as a child, I had my first experience using oil on canvas and, from then on, I never stopped, always challenging myself searching for improving my artwork day by day.

Always interested in creating new works, and due to my skills in drawing, I developed a deep intimacy with shapes, volumes and colors, submerging figures that jump off the canvas in a tree-dimensionality that makes the viewer feel emotional.

In my process I work with layers of acrylic paints and finishing with oil, thus bringing the ideal volume to the desired shapes

I believe that making art or being an instrument to provide Art to someone makes all the difference in people’s lives.


1989 Plastic Arts by PUCC, SP
1986 Illustration by Panamericana de Artes de SP

Alice Vilhena’s career includes more than 80 exhibitions around the world, among those are:

2023 – NYICAS – Miami, USA
2023 – Mana Winywood Convention Center, Miami, USA
2023 – Nossa Arte, Memorial de Arte Adélio Sarro, BRA
2023 – Individual; Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisboa, PRT
2019 – Individual; “Traços e Reflexões”, Hilton Morumbi Hotel, SP, BRA
2018 – Art-Synergy, Florida, USA
2018 – Encontros na Arte, Lisboa, PRT
2018 – MUSIWA18 ART, Florence, ITA
2017 – ArtBRAVO, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
2017 – Individual; “Cores e Formas”, Pinacoteca Jundiaí, SP, BRA
2016 – Art Basel Miami, Florida, USA
2011 – XVI Circuito Internacional de Arte Brasileira, BRA, PRT, ESP, and AUT
2009 – Museo Metropolitano de Buenos Aires, ARG
2009 – Individual; Canvas Gallery, Hilton Hotel, SP, BRA
2009 – International Art Expo, New York, USA
2008 – International Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA
2007 – Brazil’s Art Festival, St. Petersburg, RUS
2005 – Mathews Gallery, New York, USA
2003 – Individual; Espaço Cultural Pinheiros, SP, BRA
2003 – “São Paulo nossa cidade” – MASP, BRA
2002 – Museu Casa de Portinari, Brodowski, SP, BRA
2001 – Yellow Springs Art Show, Pensylvânia, USA
2000 – “Wanderugen”- Amate Kulturagentur, Berlim, DEU
1999 – Expressões Contemporâneas, Espaço Leonardo da Vinci, SP, BRA (bronze medal)
1999 – Figuration Critique, Sintra, PRT
1999 – Le Salon des Indépendants, Paris, FRA
1999 – “Vera Cruz, um Sonho Paulista”, MUBE, SP, BRA
1999 – Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, BRA
1999 – XII Salão de Arte ACSP,SP, BRA (Premio Aquisição)
1998 – Le Corps et son Mouvement, Galerie Everarts, Paris, FRA
1998 – IV Concurso de Art Livre Saint Germain, SP, BRA (silver thophy)
1998 – Figuration Critique, Paris, FRA
1998 – Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain, Berlim, DEU
1997 – Brazillian Art in Washington, Washington, USA
1997 – Le Sermadiras, Fundação Mokite Okada, SP, BRA
1997 – Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain, Arc La Défense, Paris, FRA
1997 – Figuration Critique, Paris, FRA
1996 – Art From Brazil Gallery, New York, USA
1991 – XV Salão Sanjoanense de Arte Contemporânea, SP, BRA
1989 – VI Salão de Belas Artes de Mococa (honorable mention in contemporary art), BRA
1986 – Individual; Museu Histórico e Cultural, SP, BRA


The primary objective is to captivate the viewer, encouraging contemplation and evoke the sensation that the depicted figure is emerging vividly from the canvas.
I seek to provoke the audience to discover the hidden forms in my work