< Margherita Tessier


Painter from Padua, has been creating works for over ten years that want to convey a sense positive of things and the real for infuse light and warmth. She is a lover of nature, flowers and landscapes and wants to convey emotions positive of which the nature is the main protagonist.


Painter from Padua has exhibited his works in several cities including Bologna, Venice, Florence, Udine, Rome, Gattinara, Bra.

In the autumn of 2015 he exhibited his solo monograph in his city with the patronage of the City of Padua at Palazzo Zacco and held paints in several Patavine cultural realities.


Margherita wants to instill strength, trust, hope, but also a sense of freedom. The intention stems from the conception of the light understood as sunlight, electric light but also a source of inner emotions and therefore irrational. The light here is expressed through a fleeting game of brushstrokes moved by positive feelings and imbued with agile and captivating colors. Inner landscapes first inherent in the author and now revealed to our eyes. A perception of reality to live the universe pictorial artist from Padua Margherita Tessier.