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Switzerland based, Argentine-Suisse Artist and Architect.

Marcela has been fascinated by painting from a very young age. Her mother was a painter and Marcela would spend time observing her in the studio. This awoke a curiosity and a desire to explore her own creativity.

She graduated as an architect and worked in Buenos Aires and London. For her, Architecture and Art are both vital forms of human expression, with a fundamental bond between the two disciplines. Her architectural studies had a huge influence on her, opening this path into the art world.

Marcela uses different techniques and materials in her works, using brushes and acrylic on canvas, paper or wood, as well. She also works in pastels, collage and with masking techniques. Her expression is often through geometry. Style is figurative and abstract, or a combination of both, and colour plays a fundamental role. With careful development, her artwork is free of any superfluous element, displaying a clarity and natural simplicity often felt in the experience of a revelation.

The exploration of the universe of being, the earth, the mountains, and crystals are the focus of her recent projects and exhibitions. Her most recent works with crystals, she feels, are alive and emanate a special vibration. With their presence and energy, her canvases convey a colored poetry with which she maintains a dialogue, serving as a mirror to examine herself and reflect the world around her.


June/24 ART BASEL, Switzerland 3.0 , Artbox Projects.
May/24 Session 4, Galeria Azur, Berlin.
April/24–Biennale di Arte di Venezia- Cipriarte Gallery.
Mars/2024 LA art Show Los Angeles participation in exhibition and artistic award.

Dic/23— Miami Art Basel. Artboxprojects
Sept/2023—-Artistic Career Award 2023 by Effeto Arte Foundation in San Remo, Italy.
June/23–Art BASEL 2023. ArboxProjects Basel 2.0 Switzerland
2023—Galeria Azur Berlin Session 03 Germany
2022 —Crystals to Cambodia. Art project for children in collaboration with @association.somnang for support and education.
2022—Individual exhibition, theme « Crystal seeds » Hosteria de la Cascada, Tandil, Argentina.
2021—Solo Exhibition Theme « Sharpness » Atelier Seize, Geneva.
2020—Ind. Exhibition, Theme «Evolution » EspaceL Art Contemporain.@EspaceL Gallery.Geneva.
2019—Exhibition, Auberge d’Hermance Geneva, @Espace L, Theme «Les quatre éléments »
2018—Exhibition, Sentido Jose Igancio , Uruguay.
2018—International Art Fair : Este Arte ,Punta del Este, Uruguay. Theme « Blue »
2017—Ind. exhibition, Auberge d’Hermance. Theme « water » @EspaceL,Gallery ,Geneva.
2006/2016- Course and studies ,with Jacques Messina Manley. Teacher from Ecole des Beaux arts de Nice.
2002/4—Art courses in London and Collective exhibitions ,Chelsea College and Chelsea Town Hall.
1990/1998— Works as an architect in Bs As and London.
1990—Postgraduate Certificate in Landscaping. FADU BS AS.
1989—Graduation as an Architect . FADU Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Buenos Aires.
1984—Award : Collective Exhibition, University of Architecture and Urbanism Bs As, Sistemas visuales, “Geomtric composition with letters” was awarded with a special mention.


Art is a journey to connect with my inner self and the universe. A state of freedom; a meditative process.It is a quest to discover who we are.

I am passionate about nature, exploring it through the four elements. They are everything that exists. These elements go beyond the physical, manifesting as personality traits and energetic forces. They are constantly changing and blending: many phenomena occur and many colours, light and shapes arise. With my artwork I have the opportunity to reflect this process in my own way. Human existence and its evolution are my other source of inspiration.

Coming from an architectural background, geometry is, for me, a natural form of expression. I create powerful structures, instinctually motivated to delve deeper, savouring the process of choosing and evolving the colours. For me colour offers the possibility to awaken sensations that will lead to deeper knowledge. I am aware that each spectator will feel and absorb the potentiality of colour in their own way, evoking the essential nature of this inner journey. This creative process is a fascinating experience where I find fulfilment and gratitude.