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Mara Mahía was born close to a place that the Romans called the End of the Earth (Finisterre). She lived in NY for more than a decade and considers the City the most importat cradle of her creativity. Nevertheless, it was in Berlin where she started painting 6 years ago. She works as a writer and as a painter, creating everyday, pushing a brush or a pencil in order to understand herself, life and love. (Photo by Maria Rapela)


2022: Group exhibit at Mau Blau, Berlin.
2021: Winter Group exhibit at BAAM, Berlin.
2020: Summer Group exhibit at BAAM, Berlin.
2019: Group exhibit “Konsum” at Neukölln Gallery, Berlin.
2018: Group exhibit at Karne Kunst, Berlin.
2017: Group exhibit at Fieber Festival, Berlin.

Self-educated artist and writer.


As a writer and an outsider artist, as a gay Hispanic woman, and as an ex-New Yorker currently living in Berlin, my work is a cocktail of playful, sometimes humorous images regarding any status quo which is defined by social norms and circumstances. In some works I use mixed media and colorful figures. Most of my work has primary (naive) colors; RED WHITE and BLUE, which in my mind represent the innocence of the muppets or the Disney figures, but also the sinister international and political shadow of the American flag and the 2nd Amendment. Through the eyes of candid monsters I try to portray the paradox of confronting them with an American child who may or may be not have a weapon or absurd and comic situations as a bird and chair discussing Roland Barther’s “Lovers Discourse” while waiting for someone who doesn’t exist. As a writer, I incorporate words and create word games, such as maragramas, in which I look for another word within a word. A movement of letters that provoke the birth of another word that many times has an opposite or surprising meaning, different from the “mother word” that contained it. I have been making these as a daily routine for the past 5 years and have created more than 300 so far. (Photo by Maria Rapela)