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I was born in Yokohama, Japan.

After graduating from Rikkyo University, I studied at Setsu Mode Seminar and then worked as an illustrator. Now I’m painting contemporary art and exhibiting it.

I am currently exhibiting in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Italy, Seoul, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.


Exhibited at the Ueno Royal Museum “27th Exhibition of Drawing Nature in Japan”

Exhibited at “GENTEN” sponsored by the Association of Contemporary Artists at the National Art Center, Tokyo

Solo exhibition at Mitsuoka Motors Azabu Gallery

Solo exhibition every year at galleries in Ginza, Tokyo

Solo exhibition at Hangaram Gallery SEOUL, South Korea

Exhibited at Marine Day Arts Festival NY Exhibition (The Nippon gallery at NIPPON CLUB in U.S.A)

Japan Fine Arts Exhibition / Korea Alice Gallery

Love Joyful Art Group Exhibition / Beverly Hills District The Loft at Liz’s, U.S.A

Exhibited at Taiwan Kaohsiung Art Fair


For me, drawing is a feeling of living in a corner of this world and a haiku.I want to express the feeling of living in the present with the essence of this world that I felt with my five senses.Along with the expression of the present era, I am making while facing the DNA inside me.