I’m Cesetti Daniele, aka MANA.

I’ve been drawing since I was a child, without technique, without certificates
and without a specific education. 
I paint as a personal mission, it relieves stress and allows me to throw on canvas the emotions I have inside.

Being an artist is a state of mind, something you have inside: it’s putting that hint of yourself in whatever we do, like music, drawings, architecture…

For me art is the expression of me the same as what I try…

My art is a tale of me, it is the means I can use to communicate my opinion and my thought.
My art is not a culture of beauty, of perfection but an expression of myself.

My task: through my work, to give society the opportunity to reflect, to observe the intimacy that is hidden in everything, I would like to be able to travel the observer on a carpet of colors and shapes, take him away, elevate him, make him dissociate from reality so that he can experience an emotion, both fascinating and happy and sad and regrettable.

I want to take you away for a single moment, I want to give you the opportunity to alienate yourself and live what you are looking at.

Each work is a journey and in my opinion it doesn’t need a description: everyone observes, reflects and imagines


Agora Gallery – New York – 07.07.2020 till 21.07.2020 – PERLA – AZURE – ARMANDO

– Ajdovscina – Slovenia – 30.11.2019 till 29.12.2019 – PERLA (special prize for Linx 2019)

– Biancoscuro art contest 2019 Final – Montecarlo – 21.09.2019 – DECLINO DEL DI

– Pitturiamo 2019 Final ( ART-NOW) – La Spezia – 05.07.2019 – AZURE – publication on book( premio Cultura Identità )

– Think Pink – Rome – 26.09.2020 till 08.10.2020 – MOMENTO -ZOE – EFFIMERO

– ARTE VENEZIA – Scuola Grande San Teodoro, Venezia – 12.06.2021 till 20.06.2021 – VORAGO

– “FUTURO” mostra presso Spazio Arte Tolomeo– Milano – 10.06.2021 till 24.06.2021 – DON FELICE – SOCER

-ART ANTHOLOGY 2021 – the national Spanish library – LDSO 0008

-RASSEGNA D’ARTE A BRATISLAVA – Castello di Bratislava – 16.07.2021 till 01.08.2021 – CHAOS – DISCREPANTIA –ARDITUS –CARLA


-PAJE call artistica ACQUA2O – Montappone -01.08.2021 –

-FATTORIA DEZI – Servigliano – 1 year exhibiton( from 01.08.2021 till 01.08.2022) – RILUTTANZA-LINO-MOMENTO-EFFIMERO-DECLINO DEL DI-MADDIO-VIGNA

-I MITICI ANNI 90 – Servigliano – 06.08.2021 till 18.09.2021 – LDSO #0028 – LDSO #0029 -LDSO #0019 – LĪQUO

-Contemporary VENICE 2021 – Venezia – 30.09.2021 till 21.10.2021 – LDSO #0025 – LDSO #0026 -LDSO #OO27

I also exhibited some paintings in a restaurant in my village( PANE e VINO), some works also in Bar Zega in Monte Vidon Corrado ,some in a frame shop and a table in a Servigliano winery ( Fattoria Dezi), for the near future I’m contacting some restaurants, Architects, furniture shops and boutiques in my areas to show my works.


Picto Ergo Sum