< Art by Maggie Kozina




“My paintings have been described as mesmerizing, soothing, colourful works that bring a sense of wonder’

Maggie Kozina is a polish-born self taught abstract painter with deep roots in Edmonton, AB recently moved to Kelowna.  “I just had this urge to paint after becoming a mom in 2006, so I asked for a canvas for my birthday, never expected it to become my future career,” says Kozina. “Being a new mom I felt so much love and emotion in my new world & I truly believe I chose a canvas to express myself.”

From beaches to palm trees, to ocean sunsets and vibrant florals, Kozina continues to channel those muses into her work today. Teaching herself along the way, Kozina considers her work to be abstract expressionism. “It just came from within and felt right for me. Every painting changed the next and naturally evolved my work.”

Kozina’s classic pieces feature layers of straight edge strokes with rich textures, shadows and reflections, and her on-brand pops of colour. “I love strokes and markings in a painting that look organically placed,” says Kozina. “I strive for that in every piece.”

Digital work has become a passion for Kozina over the years. “I love taking photos of my paintings, combining & layering with other mediums. It’s changing & growing my vision in my work”

Recently featured in the ‘Contemporary Art of Excellence” book vol IV and a nominated finalist in Abstract & Digital art categories in The Global Art Awards 2021. “I’m super grateful for this recognition and for my collectors. Being an artist & creating makes me feel alive!”