< Magdalena Bautsch


I’m self-taught artist. Since I can remember, creativity has been an inseparable part of my life. When I was a child, I absorbed every landscape, shape and color I had encountered. I was able to capture once seen images on a pieces of paper.

In high school, I observed the sunrises and the sunsets, listened the sound of the wind in the leaves of birch trees growing in front of my house, the smell of rain outside the window and presenting them in the form of nostalgic poems and drawings full of feelings.

I was genuine queen in the realm of my imagination.

At this time, deep down I dreamt of going to an art college, but because of my life choices led me in another directions, based on logical reasoning – to work in the office. It took me some time to step into the creative path again, nevertheless it was inevitable.

It all started with photography and a make-up schools which led me to a few years of a fantastic work with gorgeous women, at photo sessions and interesting experiences with theatrical and film make-up. Everything in our lives flows and changes continuously, so inevitably, this chapter in my life came to a close so I could move to the next one.

In my case, it was a wild, spontaneous and intuitive move to Spain. With this said, moving to Spain seemed like an incredible and stimulating change for me, allowing me to really push myself to the next level of my personal and also professional development. Driven by my heart, within 3 weeks I packed my whole life into a few suitcases and landed in Andalusia. It is here that finally art has become an inseparable part of my everyday life. And the beautiful nature of Spain, where I create my artworks for you, is my great inspiration. Here my paintings have blossomed, allowing me to invite you in, to share in the beautiful art that is painting.



The world of the imagination is indeed the world of feeling. Feeling is a secret, then whatever you imagine is real.

Everything that ever arose, arose first in someone’s imagination.

Just as imagination can turn a prison into paradise, it can just as easily turn heaven into hell. Our imagination has no limits, we can use it to create extraordinary things and by connecting with feeling, we can bring them to life. My paintings are an expression of feeling.

I transfer my sensual impressions to canvas and paper. Sight, touch, smell and taste that are my helpers in the process of creating. My inspiration also comes from observing and feeling the nature. Nature is the greatest artist, no one combines colors like her. Billions of pictures colors and textures so perfect and breathtaking. I play with them, give them new forms, combine them with my feelings, memories and smells.

That’s why I love abstract art so much, as if nothing is obvious here and yet, when you look at the colors and shapes, you can feel the freshness of orange, sweetness of chocolate, holiday chill on the beach and the memory of a breeze on your face. Through my art, I want to shift your imagination to these places, tastes and memories so that you can feel them again or for the first time. In my paintings I use a defined texture as a background. A lot of shapes as lines and circles and brave, bright colours.