< Megan Mickael
United States



Growing up, Megan Mickael’s family moved constantly: the only space that never changed was her mother’s art studio. This studio became Megan’s safe space and generated the passion for art that shaped her into the artist she is today. Megan works in the medium of Photography, snapping her documentary images anywhere and everywhere; deeply introspective, at times psychologically charged, Megan’s oeuvre exhibits a broad range of subject matters, yet is all connected by the reverence she feels towards the visual phenomena she experiences at any given moment. Megan likes to explore places and spaces that are not viewed as photographically picturesque. Precision matters less to her than producing imagery that piques a viewer’s curiosity and elicits strong feelings. Megan received a BFA in Painting and Photography from Southern Methodist University’s Meadow School of the Arts. Today, she dedicates herself to her art full-time. She is a member of The Los Angeles Center for Photographic Arts, Los Angeles Arts Association, and The Center for Photographic Arts.



Inspiration finds us as we (my camera and I) find it; we are a magnetic attraction. Mood, emotion, anger, spirituality, peace, and processing are part of the landscape of life beckoning to me. Unexpected vulnerability and neglected beauty are what I see through my lens and in my mind’s eye. They each whisper to me to document and create something distinctly different. My work is created from openness and rawness and carries with it a voice that cannot only be seen and heard but felt.