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South Korea




My mother was a music teacher, my father worked for a financial institute with a hobby of collecting paintings, and the music that most closely resembles the abstract form of my paintings served as my teacher. Playing and listening to classical music, my mother’s hobbies, I was a happy child mimicking the conductor of the orchestra.
I had a strong attachment to realistic techniques since high school and during university. So I studied art every day, from right after school, several hours and sometimes the whole night, for 5 years. After honing the technical aspects, I started to focus on more than realistic expression.


1999 ~2002 Sung shin Women’s University , BFA .Seoul
2005~ 2009 Sung shin Women’s University, MFA .Seoul

2022 Jackson’s Painting Prize Abstract Winner .
2020 Malong Global Agency ,Excellence Prize winner
2016 Art Gemini Prize finalist

[ Group show ]
2021 Saatchi art , The Other Art Fair The Los Angeles
Virtual Editions Fair
2020 “Color 2020”, CICA museum , Korea
2019 ‘The Other Art Fair’ by Saatchi art, Los Angeles, USA
2019 Already a group exhibition, Seun Hall, Seoul
2016 ‘ Art Gemini Prize ‘ Asia house .London. England
2021 Saatchi art , The Other Art Fair The Los Angeles
Virtual Editions Fair
2021 Selected as Saatchi Art New Voice Artist
2021 Selected as Spring Saatchi Catalog Artist
2020 Paddle8 Online Auction , USA
2011 Residency, La Macina de San Cresci, Tuscany, Italy

[ Solo exhibitions 2003-2023, 9 solo exhibitions ]


I am an abstract expressionist experimenting with pure determination deeply related to the dynamic expression methods of classical and baroque. Human’s sad, happy, and painful emotions convey musical order through a combination of colors and forms.

“ Rich espresso and fragrance occupy any space.” I like to occupy space with my paintings.