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An artist of extraordinary talent, Laheeb was born in 1988 in the ancient land of Iraq. Having roamed the globe for inspiration through the richness of diverse cultures, he has become an artist of unmatched creativity.

With each brushstroke, Laheeb deftly blends chromatic interplay and bold, expressive techniques, all while reflecting the life experiences that shape his unique perspective. His thought-provoking pieces are captivating and beautiful, evoking feelings of awe and wonder that leave viewers spellbound.

Laheeb’s work continues to evolve with each new creation as he persistently pushes the boundaries of artistry. Currently residing in Ottawa, Canada, he continues to conjure up fresh and fascinating pieces that inspire and delight audiences worldwide.


As a highly skilled artist with a talent for creating captivating and innovative works. I honed my artistic skills through diverse experiences. I am eager to collaborate with your team and contribute my talents to your organization to help elevate its creative offerings.


As a contemporary artist who transcends cultural boundaries to create works that reflect my passion for color and form, my artistry is a visual representation of my experiences.

My innovative use of color and expressive brushstrokes conjure emotions that challenge conventional artistic norms. Through art, I seek to inspire and motivate people to explore the world’s beauty with vivid imagery and to embrace their own wonderous experiences.