< Ludovic Laffineur




Ludovic is based in Belgium and started painting in 2016. He does not have any art education which could be considered a disadvantage but it has led to a style which is uncommon.  Many of the drawings and paintings are made with his fingers and the palm of his hand. He does not hesitate to overpaint his work which then layer by layer creates a new vibration to the work. What he created in the past was a result of the tension-field between family-life, an interesting and sometimes stressful job on climate change in an international environment (the UN) and an uncontrollable desire to paint. He is now using richer colors which indicates that Ludovic is trying to develop into an aesthete, despite the sometimes gloomy themes he addresses.


6 solo exhibitions from 2016 tot 2022. Participation a well known art festival in Belgium in 2018 (Kunstenfestival Watou). Publication of several articles on my work in art magazines.


Most of my works are narrative and often start from a concern for the state of humanity. There is more depth in the paintings than what you see at first sight. More is happening at the micro level than the overal picture suggests, which is something many people forget in life including myself 🙂