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Louise Hamill, born 1985 is a New Zealand/Australian artist currently based in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia. Louise’s practice combines a personal spirituality with a love of nature & decorative artefacts. Louise makes highly detailed nature-scapes informed by consciousness of nature and the environment at large.

Her fondness for the divine and the kitch come together with her use of traditional art mediums such as acrylic paint, oil paint and glazes; with more unconventional elements including Swarovski crystals, glitter and rhinestone elements.

It’s this combination of materials that create both an otherworldliness and animated quality to her paintings. You are looking into a living world, as well as a piece of art.


2022 August – November Artist in residence at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (part of The Triskelion Project), Boorloo/Perth, Australia

2022 September – untitled group exhibition at Gallery Belleview, Belleview Western Australia

2022 February – Digital group exhibition at Galerie Azur, Madrid, Spain

2021 November – The Second Best Time Is Now, group exhibition, Mundaring Art Centre, Mundaring, Australia

2020 November – Daisy Chain, solo exhibition, William Topp, Boorloo/Perth, Australia

2019 July – Artist in residence at Cool Change Contemporary Art Gallery, Boorloo/Perth, Australia

2019 April – Sugar Wood, solo exhibition, The Whitely Room, City of Gosnells, Gosnells, Australia

2018 February – Artist in Residence at Midland Junction Art Centre, Midland, Australia

2017 October – Artist in Residence at Midland Junction Art Centre, Midland, Australia

2017 May – Bright Future, group exhibition, Beyond Gallery, North Perth, Australia

2014 June – City of Perth Light Locker Project, group exhibition, Boorlooo/Perth, Australia

2012 August – The Space Inside Me, solo exhibition, Yellow Bird, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

2010 June – Amateur Voodoo, group exhibition, Yellow Bird, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

2008 March – Mikala Dwyer’s The Monoclinic, performer, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2006 – Insert Coin Here, group exhibition, Melbourne International Fashion Week, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


‘ The sculptures come from the earth, the paintings from the sky ‘ – Louise HamillFor me creating my art is more than a professional practice, it is an essential & spiritual communication from myself to the world.I have always loved painting and being among nature. For myself, painting is a channelling of my love of nature together with the greater consciousness that surrounds us all. A consciousness of many names – Gaia, God, Unified Energy – I feel it with me when I work.My goal ultimately is to bring people joy and fascination upon viewing my art. I hope seeing my paintings takes the viewer back to a place of wonder they experienced in childhood. And perhaps to reconnect them with the great source of universal love that connects us all.I am just the messenger, the paintings are for the people.