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Lorraine Wiseman was born in Enfield, England in 1969 but moved to Pembrokeshire, Wales shortly after. Having grown up next to the sea and living in a rural woodland area, her awareness of nature became paramount.

Throughout her life, Lorraine has always been fascinated by the wildlife and landscape and the changes that have emerged as our planet changes. She has always been an artist from a young age but wanted to progress her skills so is currently in her third year of a BA Fine Art, Painting, Drawing and Printmaking Degree.

Lorraine is developing her skills as a colourist painter to demonstrate the way that are current climate is enforcing changes upon our wildlife and ever-changing landscapes. Her inspiration came from a documentary featuring the world through insects’ eyes.

The colours made her realise that even stepping outside our own front door, our location is amazing. She aims to show the everyday scenes and colours that we are familiar with, transformed into a world that our wildlife visualises. She feels that the artistic nature of her work can raise awareness of the current climate issues of our home which is the fragile planet of Earth.


<p> </p> <p>3rd Year student of a BA Fine Art, Painting, Drawing and Printmaking.</p> <p>D31 Autumn Exhibition Doncaster UK October 9 – December 19 2021</p> <p>Paraiso Milano Exhibition Mads Gallery Milan July 24 – August 3 2021</p> <p>D31 Rise Exhibition July 24 2021 – September 15 2021</p> <p>Manchester VR Exhibition June 10 2021 to be exhibited October 2021</p> <p>D31 Art Gallery Doncaster UK. Longlist Photography Competition May 24 2021</p> <p>Tableau Vivant April 30 2021 Manhattan New York with Margin Alexander</p> <p>D31 Art Gallery Doncaster UK Shortlisted Contemporary Painting Competition February 19 2021</p>


My work consists of creating landscapes in abstract, colourist and black and white imagery using shape and form to highlight the importance of our landscapes. I use mediums such as Acrylic, Oils, Pastels, Charcoal and Printmaking to create a sense of feeling and enlightenment of the area surrounding us on an everyday basis.