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After years of work in different labor fields related to design, I have turned my knowledge to the creation of artistic works.
Working with clay led me to find my passion, glass which I have complemented with learning of vitro fusion and vitrothermomolded.
Taking advantage of an innate gift for the perception of colors, textures and shapes I entered the world of glass using different techniques, metals, pigmentes, clay and others.


I started with glass in 2008
I feel essentially self-taught
Since then taken part in many and diverse seminars and Congress on multiple Fusion techniques Thermoforming , Casting and Glass Paste in many places over the world
I have been collecting knowledge and practice every day.
My first individual exposition was
Yatching Club Higuerillas Valparaíso Chile 2008
Since then there have been many exhibitions in art galleries every year, and contemporary art contest obtaining grate recognition for my works and multiple awards.
I was part of the Chilean Sculpture Bienal 2018 being recognized obtaining an special nomination
Expositions in the year of the glass 2022


In my work I invite the viewer to enter this magical world and run through the edges of a glass colorless and lifeless plane that with temperature I am transforming, adding color and texture to achieve a fascinating brightness and transparency, and thus give it movement, shape and volume
The fragil and firm glass at the same time comes to life with a sensual sinuosity.
I seek in my work with light and shadow to capture moments, sensations and energies that play with each other in an unique and unreapeatable piece.