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Liz Osborne is an eccentric, abstract painter based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her work is a combination of layering acrylic paint with a variety of mediums, ranging from textiles to glitter. Liz enlisted in the Navy at 20, then spent the next 10 years stationed in Norfolk, Virginia serving on a variety of Naval ships and base commands. The noxious environment took a gigantic toll on Liz’s mental health and until finding her passion for painting in 2020, she never had a constructive emotional outlet. Each piece of art has an aura of its own as Liz’s passion shines through with uninhibited energy and expressive brushstrokes.


BFA from the University of Tennessee College of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee. There she has had shows in Gallery 1010 and The Emporium.
She has also exhibited in the Trolley Barn in New York and most recently,
Galeria Azur Miami.


For me, it’s simple, I paint what I feel. If I’m feeling euphoric, you’ll know by my brushstroke or the colors exuding off the canvas. Or if I’m feeling neurotic or melancholic, you’ll still see it. I can’t be contained in a box or category. I’m uniquely free in what I do.